*Hi! I am your fan! I have some questions for you though!*

  1. I was born on October 16 , 1995. I read your "What's My Jupiter" article and I am still wondering : Did my sign use to be a Virgo and then when I was 2 or 3 years old i was Libra?*
  2. Are you a Psychic?

thanx -
luv ya'll!!

Hi and thanks for your kind note.

You are Libra. And when you were about 8 years old , you became a Scorpio...and you will be a Scorpio until you are about 38 years old; and then you will become a Sagittarius until you are 68, and then you will become a Capricorn (a long living sign) for the rest of your life... until 96 yrs old.

But you are always a Libra. Just read Libra. These other change are more like personality changes - they don't change the horoscope you should read every day....

And you have your Jupiter in Sagittarius which is one of the very best places to have it. This means you are lucky! And you will like to travel!

I am sure you will have a good life because you have divine protection.

Just make sure you try to help others as much as possible. Always be kind to others. Kindness is the most important thing.... because when you are kind to others - you will become a happier person -- and the purpose of life is to be happy.

All good things to you!

p.s. I never call myself a psychic. I think we are all psychic in varying degrees. You just have to learn how to listen to that part of your mind. You must also learn when to trust your gut instincts because your body knows things that your mind is slow to pick up on. Of this I am sure.

The cells in your body sort of have their own memory. And your subconscious is always ticking away as well. Be careful what images you let into your mind. Protect your mind. These images can stay there - deep in your unconscious for a long time.