Hi Georgia,

I remember reading somewhere that as you get older you start to change signs. Can you elaborate on this? I've always felt that I was a true Gemini however, in the last 5 years or so I feel like I am honing some Cancer traits.

I was born on June 14th and I'm not sure if I should start reading both signs.

Thanks, L.

Dear L.,

It is true that as we get older, our Sun Sign moves one degree per year. Therefore, if you were born at the beginning of your sign (for example around the 21st or the 22nd of the month) then roughly around 30 years of age, you become the next sign - for the next 30 years. If you were born at the end of your sign, 17th or 18th of the month, you will become the next sign when you are just two or three years old.

What does this mean?

For starters, you are your sign. That is like a photograph of you. It's how you look, the colour of your eyes, your bone structure - it's you!

[Please note: your chart is actually waaay more complicated; and you have many signs in you according to where the planets were at your time of birth, and you probably look more like your Rising Sign than your Sun Sign (which depends on the time of day you were born and where.) But for this discussion, I simply want to clarify the confusion between your Sun Sign and your Progressed Sign.]

So - your Sun Sign is like a photograph of you. (For the purposes of this discussion.) Your Sun Sign is you. "Hi there."

Your Progressed Sign (which begins anywhere from birth to the age 30) is like the same photo view but with a colour gel over it.

Remember the famous pictures of Marilyn Monroe that Andy Warhol did? There were a series of photos of her in different colours - but they were all based on the same photograph of her.

To me that perfectly illustrates the Sun sign versus the Progressed Sign. Every picture is definitely Marilyn Monroe. There's no doubt about that. She herself does not change. And yet, because each picture has a different colour tint to it, you cannot say that each picture is the same.

When you're reading your horoscope - just read your own sign - which is your Sun Sign. If you know your Rising sign, then you should read that too. It will apply equally as much as your Sun Sign.

However, I do not advise you to read your Progressed Sign.

Well then, you might ask, "What's the big deal about the Progressed Sign?"

The Progressed Sign gives you information about how you are changing as you grow. For example, a person that has a strong Virgo chart might suddenly wonder why they have an increasing interest in jewelry. They start wearing more jewelry, and really getting into it! They might also start to wear black or get a bit more Gothic. This is because as they become more Scorpio, they take on some of the attributes of Scorpio, and Scorpio rules jewelry (among many other things.)

Scorpio also rules underwear. So someone who has always worn vanilla cotton underwear, might suddenly start getting exciting underwear at some point in their life because of an increasing Scorpio influence. Capice?

So your Progressed Sign is information about you, and how you're changing as you age. But I would still not change the horoscope signs you read.

For example, in your case - born June 14th. You became a Cancer when you were around 8 years old. And by the time you're 38, you'll become a Leo for the next 30 years. When this happens you should not start to read Leo. But you will probably become a more dramatic, flamboyant Gemini who has an increasing interest in the theatre and movies or something like that.

Hope this clarifies some of the confusion.