Georgia, why should we avoid shopping or making important decisions on some days? Can you explain how the moon affects this? (For example, is it that every time the moon is in Pisces one shouldn't shop? Or is it something else?) Thank you, enjoy your day.

Dear Reader,

Good for you for paying attention to the Moon Alert!

Every 2 1/2 days just before the Moon changes signs, it goes into limbo, if you will. It enters a period that could be a few minutes or 12 hours where it makes no aspect to any other planet. During these times, which I call Moon Alert times, the Moon is what astrologers term 'void-of course'.

Earth is 4/5 water, and in turn, we are mostly water. The Moon has a definite gravitational pull on water (consider the tides for example) and this is why people are affected by the Moon.

However, during the Moon alert times, when the Moon is not making an aspect - everything is a bit loosey-goosey. We're a bit like helium balloons that are suddenly adrift and floating in the air. According to astrology, whatever you initiate during those times is likely NOT to fulfill its purpose.

For example, if you buy something - your purpose is to use it. However, if you buy something during a Moon Alert time (and this 'item'can be anything from a pair of shoes to a house to a company) - there is a great likelihood it will not for fulfill your purpose.

You might wear the shoes only three times and then never wear them again. We all have stuff hanging in the back of our closets that we never use. And we all have gadgets in our drawers, cupboards and garages that were dubious buys. The odds are these were Moon Alert purchases.

So to be safe, I advise people to avoid shopping during those times (except for food) - and to avoid making important decisions (accepting a job or something like that).

The rule is that whatever you initiate (during a Moon Alert) will likely NOT fulfill your intended objective.

But these times are not all bad. The Moon Alert times are good for creative activities, meditation, yoga, partying or just being goofy and enjoying life.

Hope this helps -