Dear Georgia,

Can you tell me what is happening to Virgos right now? Seems that there are major complications regarding the work force right now.


Dear Virgo,

There are definitely major shifts going on now for Virgos because many of them have been going through the dark night of the soul.... - something that returns every 30 years.

Fortunately, this harsh time, which lasts anywhere from a year to over two years (depending on exactly when you were born) is about to end. In September, Saturn will enter your sign, and in doing so begin to work its way out of traveling through your 12th House. (This is the passage of the dark night of the soul.)

However, this passage could last another year for some Virgos. So let's talk first about the passage of Saturn through your 12th House.

To begin with - the 12th House is a strange, mysterious and yes, dark place. At an astrology conference years ago, I once heard Robert Hand (an astrologer I greatly admire) say to a room full of astrologers, "Let's face it. None of us really know what the 12th House is all about." Everyone roared.

When Saturn travels to the 12th House, it's a time when you dismantle much of what you created in the previous 14 years. It is definitely a time of letting go and giving up things. People, places and possessions will disappear. Whatever is outmoded, outworn and no longer relevant in your life will go by the wayside.

Essentially, this is a good thing. It's part of the cycle of birth, maturation and 'death'. But people resist change; and they panic when they have to give up things.

However, this time of transition is to lighten your load, so that you are realistically streamlined and ready to enter the next phase which is to start reinventing a new you.

When Saturn leaves the 12th house and enters your First house, this process of reinventing yourself really kicks in.

Therefore, in the next year or two, Virgos will be wondering what their image is. They'll be wondering who they really are? They'll try different looks. It can also be a significant time for assessing committed partnerships and relationships.

Hope this helps -