Hi Georgia,

I am your old fan. And I'm yours... kind of, because I know you like Capricorns.

..... Through my life experience I strongly believe in our connection with outer world - The Universe. And for God Sake thank you Georgia that you give us this belief in a practical way.

At this point, I am struggling to make the right decision in my personal life ....I follow my intuition as always....but I am overwhelmed and I need your help. I don't want to make anymore mistakes. I don't have room any more for them.

Last and current year, are crucial for my spiritual growth and this process yet not completed ...I guess forever. I feel that something present in the air around me....that something suppose to happen to me. Other people of course would be involved.

I need your advice to move on.


Dear R. G.,

Thanks for your kind words. This year - more than any year for 12 years, you have the capacity to learn a lot about your spiritual side. (And for that matter, any other religious aspects of your life.)

One way you will do this is by facing and accepting parts of yourself that you normally do not acknowledge - those parts that you consider to be less desirable.

This year you will look more compassionately and gently at your own self - in a forgiving and accepting way. Once you begin to apply this tolerant viewpoint to yourself, then you can more easily apply it to others.

Too often, we judge ourselves harshly, or we echo the accusations we heard from parents and teachers when we were young. "You're lazy." You never finish anything." "You'll never learn how to save money." "You're stupid." "You're too fat."

These criticisms haunt us; and when we feel critical of ourselves, we will feel critical of others.

All Capricorns will discover greater empathy for others this year. There is no doubt about this. By definition, this means they have to discover greater sympathy for themselves.

There is a difference between self-love, which we all need - and self cherishing, which is more self-absorbed and narcissistic.

This year, something will happen that helps you to see that we are all in this Big Soup together. Therefore, what is done to one is done to all. People are more alike than they are not. We all want to be happy. No one wants to suffer.

Below is an excerpt from a book How to Expand Love by the Dalai Lama:

As the Tibetan Lama Kunu Tenzin Gyelsten said, "If you want to be a friend of all people, generate love and compassion. If you want to be a spiritual guide for all people, generate love and compassion. If you want to help everyone, generate love and compassion."

Even if you searched for eons to find the best method to achieve permanent happiness, you would find that the only way is to generate love and compassion.

By becoming truly aware of others and developing respect for them, we ourselves become much happier and more satisfied, which itself has the outward effect of creating an atmosphere of peace...

The external emanates from the internal.

And so R.G. -- if you are self-absorbed and only worried about your own problems you have a tiny world. Therefore, in your tiny world, your problems will seem to be huge!

But if you are concerned, with genuine feeling, in a kind and loving way about others - then your world is a bigger world because the events and problems of others are important to you. In your bigger world, your problems will seem much smaller.

If you want to make grow spiritually progress this year, you've picked the best time to do it!

I suggest you start by practicing loving kindness to yourself and others as much as possible.

Best wishes!