I have a question about Mercury Retrograde periods.

When a major decision is made during a Mercury Retrograde time, will the outcome be "fixed" during the next Mercury Retrograde???

Specifically, I'm an Oilers hockey fan, and I knew that when they traded Ryan Smyth to the New York Islanders during Mercury Retrograde that it wouldn't work out for the Oilers.

Will this trade be fixed during the next Mercury Retrograde? Or does the universe just let bad decisions sit on their own???

I don't know if I'm being clear. Before I even knew about Mercury Retrograde time periods, I made a decision to move during one of them. The move didn't work out, it seemed, as there were blocks in my path everywhere I looked. However, because of finances, I got stuck in that situation for a long time.

Does the next Mercury Retrograde period (after the one we've made a bad decision) help us to fix up an earlier bad decision? Geez....not sure that what I wrote was clearer.


Dear R.

I think I get your drift.

No -- I do not think the next Mercury retrograde period can "fix" the previous one.

The reason is this: Every moment of every day (every instant) has a chart in astrology. That chart varies according to the longitude and latitude - and of course, the time of day. For example, as I write you this answer, this "note' has a chart.

Therefore, not just when you get born... and not just when you get married - but every decision you make - technically has a chart.

Therefore, during a Mercury retrograde period two things are at play:

1. Delays and errors occur because the functions that Mercury rules are "stalled" - and Mercury rules all ground transportation and communications and paper work and minor daily activities. (As well as certain businesses.)

So this we know. We expect these snafus during this time. However -

2. The decisions we make during a Mercury retrograde for e.g. to trade Smyth to the NY Islanders - this now has a chart, and this chart has a retrograde Mercury in it. Forever. So it doesn't get "fixed". It has that quality.

3. But just to complicate things, I will say that some times in the future there is a shift and that is when that progressed Mercury finally does move direct. It might happen in this lifetime or it might not. (Let's not get too technical here... I don't want a penalty.)

In closing, I want to stress that while Mercury retrograde times are a bummer with cars and computers and inefficient goof ups - they can be used to good advantage to finish up old business.

Cheers -