Dear Georgia,

I am confused about the changing of signs. I was born on June 20 194- and have felt on the cusp, one way or another. So I often read Cancer as well as Gemini for advice and for thoughts for the day. Which sign or signs should I read for general direction for each day?

I will send a cheque for the annual forecast, but for which sign?

Thanks F.

Dear F.

You're right, this is a tricky situation! And it brings up the difference between your chart and your horoscope.

A newspaper horoscope (albeit general) is like a weather forecast. It has a predictive quality, and comments on what is happening to you or what you're undergoing now or in the future. For this, you want to read the sign which is closest to the degree of your Sun.

Therefore, as a late Gemini (28 and a half degrees), the horoscope for Cancer will apply to you more than that of Gemini.

However, parts of my annual Forecasts and even parts of my horoscope columns (gulp) refer to the qualities of your sign - so in this case, Gemini will apply because after all you are a Gemini.

In other words, predictions about what is happening are different than comments about the characteristics of your sign. Capice?

I am sorry I cannot give you a yes or no - black or white answer on this.

The annual Forecast is a tough one because the comments about Gemini will apply to you; however, the comments about what happened in the past and what is happening now and in the future for you will be more accurate if you read Cancer. Oy vey!

I suggest you order Cancer - and I will send you Gemini as well. But on a daily basis ? read Cancer.

Good luck!