Hi Georgia,

I love your column and read it every morning before I start my day. I have a question for you that I'm hoping you can explain to me. I'm a Taurus and you have said on several forecasts within the last month or so that I will benefit from the wealth of others this year. What does that mean? How does one benefit from the wealth of others?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Dear K.

Hmmm, I am just finishing chomping a late lunch of bacon and eggs. And I certainly benefited from others. The chickens definitely made a contribution; and the pig made a real sacrifice! (In other words, we're all dependent on the contributions from others in some way.)

But to be more specific, the wealth of others can refer to the actual wealth that others have that somehow starts to dribble your way or benefit you in some manner. Your partner or friend could get a raise or a bonus and treat you to dinner; or if you live with this person -- their increased income somehow benefits you.

Others might suddenly acquire a boat or a cabin or a motorcycle or something that you have an opportunity to use. Then there is the obvious: you might get an inheritance or a direct gift from someone.

Then there are indirect ways that we receive benefits from others. A store might be forced go out of business, and you happen to be able to scoop up big bargains. Or you might really score something in a garage sale. Or someone might cancel an event or a class that is full - allowing you to gain entrance.

Others might do physical favours for you -- anything from a backrub to yard work. You're still benefiting from the wealth of others -- in this case there energy and their bodies.

In varying degrees, we all benefit or pay a price in our relationships with each other. This is the year (and perhaps even the next 18 months for some of you) where knowing other people will somehow bring you advantages, favours, increased wealth or little goodies.

It might be as simple as being let off a traffic ticket, or suddenly being given the best table in a restaurant. Many of these little things - favours from the universe - will accrue to Taurus this year.

Personally, I think that those of you who have been generous in the past, will probably clean up more than those of you who haven't; because I believe that what goes around comes around.