Hi Georgia

Hope you had a good summer. My question is: Do we feel the affects of the full moon differently if we live in the big city or quietly in the forest. The fullmoon looks stronger I'm wondering if the pull is stronger...I know it pulls the water element inside us which accounts for some strange behaviors. ?

Thanks W.

Dear W.

That's a good question and frankly I don't know the answer. But here is what I think. Each Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun & the Moon, and these are qualities within each of us i.e. the Moon governs our feelings and emotions and habitual patterns of behavior, whereas the Sun influences our overall energy and our analytical determination to reach out for what we want. The Moon is sort of "past" oriented and the Sun is more "future" oriented.

Each Full Moon sets up an opposition within us - either an opposition in our feelings and attitudes toward something or (and this is more obvious) an opposition where we cannot satisfy two different areas of our life - for e.g. home & family versus career.

We will feel this opposition "fighting" within us - creating an inner tension wherever we are - city or country. But I suspect that in the country, we might feel calmer because we're removed from the city stress, and also have the advantage of being replenished by better air, quiet and a more peaceful environment in general. This cud mellow us out - and in turn, make us appreciate the beauty of the Full Moon. We might notice its presence more and because of this we think we "feel" it more. It might interrupt our sleep for example.

In the city, we might not even notice the Full Moon (but this harvest Moon is impossible to ignore!) however, the increased tension to the tension we already feel will definitely be there.

I see that I have not answered your question. I think the answer is simply -- it's a different experience - because the city and country are different experiences.

I live in a quiet forest on an Island and I have been watching this Full Moon build each evening through the trees. I even went out several nights to look at it.

However, right now I am in the city, and I sat out on a back porch last night looking at the same Full Moon through the trees - and it was lovely.

I think our awareness is whatever it is wherever we are.

(Of course, time flies when you're unconscious.)

All best -