I love your astrology and your school project.

My question is about your saying that the Full Moon is in Leo on Feb 1. I thought Leo Full Moon was the full moon that occurs during period of Leo in July/Aug. What am I missing here?


Ah yes - this is a good question.

Each Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon.

In the July/Aug. period, the Sun is in Leo - and the Moon is in its opposite sign Aquarius. Hence it is a "Full Moon in Aquarius".

In the Jan/Feb period, the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Leo; hence it is a "Full Moon in Leo."

Now (ahem) both these Full Moons create increased tension in partnerships and close friendships for Leo and Aquarius people. They both have that 180 vibration thang going on. However, the difference is this: when the Full Moon is opposite your "sign" i.e. where your Sun is - you tend to feel that the tension is coming from the other person. It's their fault! They're annoying jerks! They can't get their act together. They're on your case - whatever. Grrrr. Hiss and pop.

And when the Full Moon is in your own sign, you still feel disgruntled with the other person, but this time it stems from your own sense of dissatisfaction with things. And you know it.

In other words, an opposition of planets gives you the illusion that the stress is external; whereas a conjunction gives you the feeling that whatever is going on is being created within you.

In either case, you have to practice more patience than usual. (Just to get along.) Every Full Moon creates a pull between two different areas of your chart. (You're dammed if you do and damned if you don't.)

It gets even more complicated because the line of tension between the Sun & Moon doesn't always fall neatly, although to write a short column I pretend it does. Sometimes a Full Moon in Leo could create work and job stress for an Aquarian as well as stress with partnerships.

As they say dismissively in the movies "It's complicated."