Dear Georgia,

Thanks for your reply -

I have been a police officer for (x) years so far, but not so sure it is really my "dream" job.....Not sure if I have Scorpio in my chart. All I know is I am a Libra but will have my charts read one day soon.

Dear "Officer" -

The Rising Sign is just as important as your "sign" which is actually your Sun Sign. In fact, if I can only know ONE thing about a person - I would rather know their Rising Sign, which is a big clue to their personality, and their appearance, and how they act in the world, and also how they react to others.

Because the Sun is close to Mercury and Venus - those planets are often in the same sign or the "next" sign. Since you have Sun in Libra - you might have Mercury or Venus in Scorpio which made you choose being a police officer. Or you might have Pluto very prominent in your chart.

Pluto rules Scorpio - and in ancient mythology, Pluto ruled the underworld. Therefore, Pluto rules all crime and all police detection agencies.

It also rules plumbing, which is hidden under streets (sewers) and behind walls.

It also rules garbage (which we hide) - and this includes "old" garbage i.e. anthropology or archeology.

It also rules gems and jewels - so appraisers, gem dealers, and jewelers all have Scorpio in their charts.

Also in the realm of the "hidden" is the corporal body - blood, guts, veins, and organs - all hidden under skin, scales, feathers or fur. Therefore, all aspects of medicine, butchery, and taxidermy are under the realm of Pluto.

Similarly, our subtle bodies - our soul, unconscious etc - are ruled by Scorpio; and this includes counseling, psychology and psychiatry.

But the biggest secret of all in life is death. So embalming and anything related to death is under the realm of Pluto or Scorpio.

You might notice that your fellow officers are into jewelry or psychology, medicine or archeology or whatever.

Plus the Pluto impulse always wants to take something and restore it - to recover or refinish, or refurbish or renovate. Pluto is all about reform.

Aries and Scorpio are both fighting pugilistic signs. But Aries stabs you and says, "Ah ha! I win!"

Scorpio stabs you - removes the offending (garbage) organ and then sews you up again.

Just a little eye opener about Scorpio, which I am sure you have or you would not have become a police officer.