Hi There,

Quick question for you; when a person is reading the year ahead forecast published on their birthday are the day before and the day after predictions quasi relevant as well? Case in point, I'm born December 28th, can I look to the 27th and 29th with an eye towards some relevancy in the "Today is your birthday" paragraph?

Thanks so much,

Dear L.S.

This is an excellent question.

Whatever happens on your birthday can be an indication of how your year will unfold.

But here is the kicker - most people do not know when their true birthday is each year because it can vary from year to year. Why? Because your true birthday is when the Sun returns to the exact degree it was at when you were born.

Some years this is the day before your so-called birthday - or the day afterwards, or it could be on your calendar birthday.

I love it when I have two birthdays - then I celebrate all week!

So to answer your question -- yes, very often if you read the birthday blurb for the day before & after your own birthday - it could be relevant for that particular year.