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Let's look at the power of Saturn, which moves to Sagittarius in September to stay until the end of 2017. This is important. In September, I will come back to this, but let's take a peek at the next few years. Saturn is the nuts and bolts/bricks and mortar of our lives. It takes 30 years to make its journey through all 12 signs, which means the last time it was in this sign was from November 1985 until November 1988. (We had a five-month glimpse this year, but that was a teaser.) Saturn can predict change in the future. Of course, the future isn't what it used to be; and the past is so malleable. The older I get the better I was! Yeah, I know they say age is a state of mind (and there's always plastic surgery) - but hey, you can't fool a flight of stairs.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

When Saturn changes signs in September, this is good news for you because Saturn will go into your fellow Fire Sign. This means it will be supportive to you. Without any special sense of effort, you will make progress and get a lot done. It's like rowing with the wind at your back. And it couldn't come at a better time because you're looking at a career peak around 2018-019, so you have to get ready for this! Get any further training or education that you might need to improve your job or enhance your life. Because you are approaching a time where your ambitions and efforts will bear the greatest fruit, you want to be performance ready! You don't want to show up at a gun fight with a knife. Forgive this violent reference, but after all, you are the warrior of the zodiac.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Since 2012, things have been tough for you because Saturn was opposite your sign. Yes there was a temporary relief in the first part of this year, and that relief will return in September. Glory hallelujah! Saturn is the stern taskmaster and the "Great Teacher." This means that whatever part of your chart Saturn is moving though, that is the area where it forces you to get your act together. In the next few years, you will learn how to get along with other people's values and live with them. Learn to incorporate them into your own life. (You can't pretend they don't exist.) You might also find it tougher to get financial support and help from others, which means you have to go it alone. You have to stand on your own two feet. By learning the limitations of your own resources, you will appreciate how much you have to cooperate with others.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Saturn is going to be opposite your sign for the next couple of years. The last time this occurred was in the late 80s. This can make you feel tired and discouraged because quite often, your plans seem to meet with opposition. Oy vey! Even if you are young, you might feel "old" and world-weary. (Don't worry, this is temporary and there is always a learning curve with Saturn.) One area in which you will notice stress is partnerships and close friendships. In fact, relationships that have outlived their usefulness will end in the next few years; while relationships that will endure will undergo adjustments. Suck it up, cupcake. But fear not! Because meanwhile, lucky Jupiter will bless and improve your home and family life for the next year. And the year after that it brings party city, vacations and romance! Yeehaw!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

When Saturn changes signs in September, this will be good news for you. You will start to feel more of a sense of purpose in your life because Saturn is going to put you to work! In the next few years, you will put out a lot of effort to prove to the world what you can do. It will be a time of heavy responsibilities and hard work. In a way, your effectiveness as a human being will be tested during this time. But all of this is for a reason because in 2018, you will have a debut. Ah yes! For the first time since 2001, when you had to give up a lot of things, and then 2003 when you entered a new path, you will feel rewarded and acknowledged! You have spent so much time in the past reinventing yourself and figuring out where to live. Now it's time to figure out how to work and achieve something. "Col. Saito, is that you?" "Yes! Be happy in your work!"

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Like Aries, you will feel considerable support from the world around you when Saturn moves into your fellow Fire Sign in September. It's as if the third leg on a three-legged stool was repaired. Whew! Everything will come together for you with surprisingly little effort. (Don't kid yourself - of course, you have to work for what you want but it won't be a struggle.) In fact, because Saturn rules the skin, the teeth and the skeleton, you will find that you can rebuild your physical strength. It's an excellent time to lay the framework for future success. Admittedly, your responsibilities with children will increase and become more serious. A love affair with an older person or someone who is parental to you might also take place. At a deeper level, you will be wondering "What do I really want to be when I grow up?"

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

In the next few years, you will want to focus on securing a home base for yourself and your family. Even if you moved recently (between 2012-2015), you might move again. The first move was for a different reason. It was to rattle your cage and put you in a new sandbox. But now, you might move because you are trying to find a stable home that you like. If you don't move again, then you will almost certainly work to repair where you are - possibly major repairs and renovations. A parent might become an increased responsibility for you as well. This time in your life is linked to 2008 - 2009 in some way. That was a time of new beginnings. This is now a test to see if you made the right choice. Don't try to save something that is not worth saving. Remember: Your first loss is your cheapest loss.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

If you're old enough, hearken back to the late 80s. Did you have a change of residence then? This might happen again. Actually, to be more specific, when Saturn changes signs in September, it will take you into a two to three-year window where you will have a change of residence, or a change of jobs, or both. You might not think this will happen at this point in time. But 18 months from now, things could look quite different! Basically, since 2010, you have been in the process of reinventing yourself. In the next two years, you will experience some kind of change in your daily milieu, the purpose of which is to make you "wake up." This is also related to a time in your life around 2005. It will be easy for you to get recognition for your efforts now. This is encouraging. You will also have more discipline in your life. This is nice but don't get too smug - people hate that.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

The last two years ain't been easy! However, Saturn has a way of really making you grow up, doesn't it? Now that it has introduced some focus and discipline into your life, it wants you to get your financial act together. But it is not merely concerned with money and bank accounts. Oh no. Saturn wants you to learn what is really important to you. What is it that you really value? In a sneaky way, Saturn will create obstacles to anything that, in turn, has been an obstacle for you to discover your own true values. In other words, if you are mesmerized by money, you might experience financial loss, because there's more to life than money. There's dark chocolate. Organize your finances as well as possible. Saturn wants you to discover what your real needs are, which might be quite different from what you thought or were taught to think.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

"Isabel, Isabel, didn't worry, Isabel didn't scream or scurry." You are now returning to a cycle similar to what you experienced in the late 80s. This is a huge milestone in your life. You're setting off on a new chapter, as it were. In the last several years, you have undergone much loss and letting go of people, places and possessions. Now you are setting out on a new journey, possibly so new and fresh, you might even change your daily wardrobe. But in the bigger scheme of things, you are going to reinvent yourself in the next seven years. Yes, your responsibilities will continue to be heavy but your accomplishments will be great! Nevertheless, the next few years will be a time of introversion and introspection because you have to understand what you are, in your own terms - not other people's terms or expectations. "Isabel, Isabel, didn't worry."

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Beginning this fall, you will enter a two to three-year window of time where you will start to dismantle much of what you have created in your life since 2003. Even if you don't think this is going to happen - for the great majority of you, it will. It means you will give up people, places, possessions and jobs and perhaps even your country. Do not think of this as a time of loss. Saturn will not take anything from you that you need. Rather, this is a time of lightening your load and getting rid of what is no longer relevant in your life. This even includes ideas, prejudices and such. Basically, you are going to clear away any barrier that prevents you from achieving what you really want in this life. All of this is to prepare you for a fresh new beginning in 2018.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Good news! Many of the difficulties of the last few years will greatly diminish as Saturn changes signs in September. In fact, obstacles that you might have been forced to deal with will diminish; and in their place, you will find your universe is much more supportive, and much more strengthening to you. Like Libra, you will feel that the third leg on a three-legged stool has been repaired. Yes! Your challenge now will be to learn to work with groups and keep them happy, and yet, at the same time, not sell out because after all, you count, too. This means you have to learn how to skilfully deal with others as you become more integrated into a group, and less of a "star" on your own. Now you will have time to see how close you are to achieving the goals you wanted to achieve. It's report card time.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Your hour has arrived, dear Pisces. In the last half of the 90s, you reinvented yourself. By 2008, you figured out where you wanted to live and the direction you wanted to go. Partnerships were a struggle in 2008-2010, but you survived. In the last few years, hopefully, you have prepped yourself or taken further education and training so that you could get the most out of this journey that you are now about to enter. It's a time of culmination in your life! Some of you will graduate, some will get married, some will have a much wanted child, some will open their own business, some will have professional success, and some will have fame. But you are definitely in a three-year window where you will feel proud of your achievements. "Look Ma, no hands!"