"If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing."

Will Rogers (Nov. 4, 1879 - Aug.15, 1935)

Introduction to Annual Forecasts for 2011

Pluto is in Capricorn. It has been in Capricorn since November of 2008. Before that, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the mid 1700s. Hey - that was when we had the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution. Verrrrry interesting. In astrology, Pluto has rulership over countries, and Capricorn rules the government. That's why when Pluto returned to Capricorn in November of 2008, it was easy to predict President Obama would be elected because that was a revolutionary event! The first Afro-American President of the United States.

This year, in 2011, the next two outer planets will change signs. Neptune moves into Pisces (the very sign it rules) and Uranus moves into Aries.

Do we care?

Well, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was between 1848 - 1862. And the last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-1935. (Tough times for many people!) However, the last time that both planets shared the signs they are moving into this year was from 1848 to 1851. Holy French fries! Those dates coincide with the great potato famine in Ireland. Does this mean we're heading into a famine? Sadly, in some places, I fear the answer is yes. Fortunately, in June this year, Jupiter the planet of wealth is moving into Taurus, the sign of tangible wealth and banks. This will bring some positive juice to financial institutions.

We are definitely entering a decade where fire hazards will be more harsh than usual. Uranus rules explosions and unpredictable events, and Aries is a feisty Fire Sign! Do yourself a favour and buy a fire extinguisher. (I did. It cost $30.) Install smoke detectors. Keep cooking areas and stoves clean. Make sure your microwave vents can "breathe." Be smart with heaters, and don't use ordinary extension cords for them. Check electrical cords and get rid of old frayed stuff. And never smoke in bed. In just one year, when Uranus was in Aries during 1845, 1000 buildings burned in a Pittsburgh fire; 1500 houses burned in Quebec fire; 1000 homes burned in New York city fire, 1600 were killed in a theatre fire in Canton, China.

Not only are fire hazards on the increase, but fiery revolutions are more likely to take place as well. Yes, the natives are getting restless. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

We will start to see new patents for new inventions, especially related to drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, gas, oil, and the film industry. The explosive quality of Uranus in Aries is very creative and exploratory!

The last time that both Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries occurred, we had gold rushes. "Go West, young man, go West!" Indeed, with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wealth moving into Taurus, the sign associated with tangible wealth and banks, we can expect the economy to look richer in some way after the summer. About time!


Look at You!

You're willful, determined and powerful! You're a fighter, yet you're also playful and prankish. You love to have a good time, but when you really want something you can become obsessed. You work hard for what you want, and you're no pushover. You easily influence others because issues are often simpler to you since you tend to see life in black-and-white terms. You always strive to become a better person. (It's just who you are.) You have high ideals for yourself and others, and you're very rarely fooled. (Your x-ray vision allows you to see the motives of others.) You can work miracles in overcoming obstacles.


Who Doesn't Have a Past?

In the early '90s you worked to secure a home base you could rely on. Many of you were in a state of flux with job changes and residential moves before that. By the early '90s, you wanted to settle down. Significant changes in your family might have taken place as well. Certainly, by 1994, your life was enriched. You felt happier and more confident. Vacations, romance, and children were a new theme. By 1996, your home scene was further enriched. The year 1999 was a turning point when you began to focus on your external world. By 2005, you were on top of your game. Fresh opportunities pointed you in new directions and you acted! (You rebuilt your confidence in 2006.) In the last few years, your major challenge has been to deal skillfully with groups. How much are you supposed to give? If you give everything, what's left for you? You have to learn how to be successful in group situations and yet, maintain your own integrity and nurture your own needs. Not easy!


Reality Check for 2011

There's no question that you're entering a very interesting stage of your life. The last time anything like this happened was in the early to mid-'80s. Essentially, you are going to start to dismantle much of what you created since 1999. It is what it is. You might find that friends who used to be interesting now seem juvenile or boring. Activities that you used to enjoy no longer give you the same kick. Don't worry. You will start to leave behind places, people, relationships, and even possessions. You might do this dramatically through a big move, or just slowly. But it will happen. That's because you are divesting yourself of anything that is superfluous, extraneous, and no longer relevant in your life. The reason you're doing this is to prepare yourself for a big shift around 2013, when you enter a whole new cycle. The initial thrust of this cycle (probably the first 7-8 years) will be all about redefining yourself in the world. This means that by 2020, you'll be a very different person! (You'll probably weigh more, too. Ooops -- time to let out another pleat in the shower curtain?)


Career and Reputation in 2011

It's ironic that at the very time when you're starting to get let go of many things in your life, your job is doing swell! Who knew? This is the perfect year to change jobs, or find a new job, or get a promotion, or get a better position where you work, or do something to get your co-workers and bosses to respect you more. Your relationship with co-workers will definitely improve -- that's a certainty. In fact, this is a good year to form working units and team up with others because it will benefit you. Hopefully both. After all, good business is mutually beneficial. Later next year, you'll have a feeling that this is a time of culmination. Something will sort of come to a head and you will know which way to go. ("Who was that masked man?") Many of you will take projects through to their final completion. In other words, not only are you wrapping things up, you are also clearing the decks. Wait a year or two before you begin big, exciting projects. This continues to be a time of finishing what is already on your plate, with the strong support of others!


Relationships Close (and Closer) in 2011

The next 18 months is one of the best times for relationships in more than a decade! This is a fabulous time to marry or make a commitment to someone. It's also an excellent time to form professional partnerships. Working relationships will be a positive reinforcement. However, by summer, all relationships will benefit you enormously. Many of you will meet or marry someone older, richer, and more established. Some will find a mentor. Because your idealism is aroused, in a very sweet and sentimental way romance will become filled with pixie dust. (Your own impulses will embarrass you. "I can't believe I'm doing this.") But you'll love it! Because you will be unusually perceptive about relationships, they will work easier for you. You will sense what others want or need. Relations with people from foreign places or different backgrounds are definitely a possibility. The year 2011 is a good year to seek assistance from a professional as well.


Money in 2011 (the Folding Kind)

This is a good money year! In large measure, it's a good time to make money or it's a good year for your job. Surely, the two are connected. Many Scorpios have a knack for making money. It's in your blood. Well, actually, it's in your chart. Every Scorpio has the ruler of wealth (Jupiter) as the ruler of their House of Earnings. This year, that lucky planet is travelling through your House of Employment. Connect the dots. Because you're downsizing now, some of you will earn money from selling property and possessions. Others might be streamlining because they're getting ready for a new and better job. In the next few years, many more Scorpios than ever before are going to opt for self-employment opportunities. Your need for freedom is growing, and you're willing to take that chance..


The Fast Track for Improvement in 2011

Your improvement in the immediate year is going to be very personal. For starters, you can definitely improve your health. In fact, your sign rules medicine, and you have an above-average interest in the state of your body. Ironically, the stars are blessed in favour of your health so much, the only downside is you could gain weight! This is a good year to heal or recover from any illness. Because your idealism is aroused, you will also explore subtle disciplines like meditation, yoga, Reiki or other methods of getting results from uniting mind and body. (When I unite mind and body, my mind says get dark chocolate and my body does so.) But they work in harmony! Probably one of the biggest ways that you can evolve and grow now is you will discover the deep rewards of practicing compassion to others. (Spare change?)


Your Scorpio Mantra for 2011

"I'm not giving up things, I'm lightening up!"


Mercury Retrograde in 2011

You can use Mercury retrograde times or be abused by them. What's it gonna be?

(Of course, Mercury never really goes backwards. This is just "relative" to planet Earth.)

The bad news: The dates below are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! Best to finish things, not begin them. Charge your cell phone. Pay your phone bill. Keep gas in the car and a working flashlight. Smile a lot. Buy fresh flowers and dark chocolate.

The good news: The dates below are good times to tackle repairs. Clean out closets, drawers, desks and cupboards. Finish projects. Do research into the past. Study anything. Contact people from your past. Re-apply for a job. Try to get something you wanted before that fell through. Try once again! Organize old photographs. Finish that "To Do" list. These things will go surprisingly smooth!

There are two sets of dates below: The actual time of Mercury retrograde is on the left. But Mercury slows down ahead of time, and then takes a long time to "catch up" to where it was when it first went retrograde. These longer-time periods are on the right. When buying pricey transportation or a computer, I recommend respecting the dates on the right.

Actual Mercury Retrograde Still Dicey for Big Purchases
(I use this one)
March 30 - April 23 March 25 - May 11
August 2 - August 26 July 21 - Sept. 10
November 23 - December 13 November 16 - January 1, 2012


Lucky days for Scorpio in 2011

  • Jan 25, 26, 27
  • Feb 22, 23, 24
  • Mar 21, 22, 23
  • Apr 28, 29
  • May 15, 16, 17
  • June 11, 12, 13
  • July 9, 10
  • Aug 5, 6, 7
  • Sept 1, 2, 3, 29, 30
  • Oct 26, 27, 28
  • Nov 22,23, 24
  • Dec 20, 21


Famous People Who Share Your Birthday


23 Ryan Reynolds 1976
24 Alexandra David-Neel 1868
25 Katy Perry 1984
26 Keith Urban 1967
27 John Cleese 1939
28 Julia Roberts 1967
29 Richard Dreyfuss 1947
30 Diego Maradona 1960
31 John Candy 1950


1 Aishwarya Rai 1973
2 Nelly 1974
3 Gemma Ward 1987
4 Curtis Stone 1975
5 Tilda Swinton 1960
6 Sally Field 1946
7 Lawrence O'Donnell 1951
8 Gordon Ramsay 1966
9 Eric Dane 1972
10 Ellen Pompeo 1969
11 Demi Moore 1962
12 Anne Hathaway 1982
13 Whoopi Goldberg 1955
14 Prince Charles 1948
15 Petula Clark 1932
16 Diana Krall 1964
17 Rachel McAdams 1978
18 Margaret Atwood 1939
19 Meg Ryan 1961
20 Robert Kennedy 1925
21 Goldie Hawn 1945